Minecraft Technicpack MFFS setup tutorial[ A.k.a Modular Force Feild System]

I have wondered how to make the Minecraft MFFS things to work.

Now I know and i will show you guys how to.(This is not for you if you don’t like big words)


Here are the things you need (Remote control is optional.)

First,  you need a Force Feild Projector.


Next is the Coercion Deriver


You can use Lapis Lazuli or Nether Quartz to give a boost, you should because they are all “Power Hogs”


And run the power of your choice to the Deriver


Next, you put a Forton Capacitor, you don’t need to run power to this, the power From the Deriver powers it.


Next, you can add a speed module to boost the speed.



Click the restone torch in the top right corner to turn it on.


There are many different modules to add into, customize it however you want, there are many different shapes to put in the middle, too.  I decided to change things up a bit and put a tube module.

With the remote, shift-left-click on the projector and you can control it from a distance.

And activate the forfeild and your done!  It may take a while and extra power.



I hope this helped!