Roblox Murder simulator ranks

My game “Murder simulator” has doubled the amount of plays in one night.  So I decided to sell ranks.  An example is shown below.Download1



In my old group, my rank was “Boss”, If you quit the group that is linked, you will loose your rank.

Purchasing A GRL

A GRL stands for “Group Rank Link”.To purchase the GRL just buy the gamepass here.

Where are the Ranks?

The ranks are in your group tab.  Under the linked groups logo is  “My Rank”.

To change your groups ranks, you must own the linked group.  Go to your groups, click on your linked group, click group admin, and roles.  There is a name tab so you may change it.  Once you have changed it click save.


Then your done!  Now when you play your rank will be there.  It makes your group popular, faster!