Lego Technic Dune buggy



-Servo Akerman steering
-2 L motors
-Opening Doors
-Opening Roof
-Fake Antennae
-And more!

Pay No attention to the wrong dates on my pictures ūüôā

Monster Wheelie

The monster wheelie is one of my lego MOCs

By adding most of the heavy things, like the battery box, in the back it does wheelies. ¬†Its extremely fun to drive. ¬†There is even a picture that wasn’t in the video of the interior.


And a picture of the drive-train


Roblox Murder simulator ranks

My game “Murder simulator” has doubled the amount of plays in one night. ¬†So I decided to sell ranks. ¬†An example is shown below.Download1



In my old group, my rank was “Boss”, If you quit the group that is linked, you will loose your rank.

Purchasing A GRL

A GRL stands for “Group Rank Link”.To purchase the GRL just buy the gamepass here.

Where are the Ranks?

The ranks are in your group tab. ¬†Under the linked groups logo is ¬†“My Rank”.

To change your groups ranks, you must own the linked group.  Go to your groups, click on your linked group, click group admin, and roles.  There is a name tab so you may change it.  Once you have changed it click save.


Then your done!  Now when you play your rank will be there.  It makes your group popular, faster!

Minecraft Technicpack MFFS setup tutorial[ A.k.a Modular Force Feild System]

I have wondered how to make the Minecraft MFFS things to work.

Now I know and i will show you guys how to.(This is not for you if you don’t like big words)


Here are the things you need (Remote control is optional.)

First,  you need a Force Feild Projector.


Next is the Coercion Deriver


You can use Lapis Lazuli or Nether Quartz to give a boost, you should because they are all “Power Hogs”


And run the power of your choice to the Deriver


Next, you put a Forton Capacitor, you don’t need to run power to this, the power From the Deriver powers it.


Next, you can add a speed module to boost the speed.



Click the restone torch in the top right corner to turn it on.


There are many different modules to add into, customize it however you want, there are many different shapes to put in the middle, too.  I decided to change things up a bit and put a tube module.

With the remote, shift-left-click on the projector and you can control it from a distance.

And activate the forfeild and your done!  It may take a while and extra power.



I hope this helped!


Pokerus, The helpful disease[Pokemon]

Whats Pokerus?

Pokerus is a disease caught by Pokemon, just like how we catch colds.  But Pokerus is good for the Pokemon and doubles the EVs gained.  The ways to get Pokerus is to just wait, or do this glitch.

Elm and Nurses’ statements

The Nurses in Pokemon have learned more about it.  Straight from the Pokemon games, here are some quotes from Nurse Joy.

In Gen 2 when Pokerus was found.

“Your Pokemon appear to have tiny life forms stuck to them.
Your Pokemon are healthy and seem to be fine.
But we can’t tell you anything more at a Pokemon Center.”

And when you walk out from the Pokemon Center Prof. Elm callsyou and explains it to you

“Hello, [PLAYER]?
I discovered an odd thing.
Apparently there’s something called Pokerus that infects Pokemon.
Yes, it’s like a virus, so it’s called Pokerus.
It multiplies fast and infects other Pokemon too. But that’s all.
It doesn’t seem to do anything, and it goes away over time.
I guess it’s nothing to worry about. Bye!”

And know the Nurse Joys are Pokerus-know-it-alls in Pokemon X and Y

“Oh… It looks like your Pokemon may be infected with the Pokerus.
Little is known about the Pokerus, except that it is a microscopic life-form that attaches to Pokemon.
While infected, Pokemon are said to grow exceptionally well.”


Good things

Now that you know what Pokerus you should know the good things.

  1. After Pokerus is gone, the pokemon still gets 2x EVs!
  2. Its easy to spread!  It wont spread through PC Boxes so do it through a party only!
  3. Give the pokerus Pokemon a “Macho Brace” and boom, maxed out pokemon!